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Ellmi and the Moonstone

You have probably already heard that the boy Ellmatio has disobeyed the most important rule in the enchanted forest. That is why the wizard Tumaris - his teacher - turned him into a frog called "Ellmi". Ever since, his dearest wish has been to become a boy again.

Whenever he gets really close to his goal, yet another obstacle seems to appear out of nowhere. That's just what happened last time round: Ellmi found the Wand of Light, but it didn't have any magic power, so it was of no use to him. None other than the King of the Goblins promised to give the Wand of Light its magic power back, but only if Ellmi solved a riddle: He had to find out the name of the King of the Goblins, which absolutely nobody knew.

Ellmi was desperate. He needed help, from Tumaris and above all from his friends, the children. Soon, things became very busy in the Magic World. You can't imagine just how busy! Hundreds of children came because they wanted to help Ellmi to become a boy again! Maybe YOU were one of them? I wouldn't be surprised at all!

But however hard all of them tried: no one learnt the name of the King of the Goblins. Never mind; remember the ancient goblin proverb: "You'll just have to dig deeper to find what you desire!" With a little bit of luck and your help, Ellmi will get a huge surprise. And then there is this mysterious stone which no one has ever seen…

Ellmi really needs your help! This year, he will once again take you and your family on a journey into his world full of magic moments. Look forward to a new adventure in Ellmi's Magic World.

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